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I decided to start a page that would give my potential customers feedback from current customers. I really wish I had saved all the comments for the past 3 years, but, alas, I will have to begin now. I will promise to include ALL comments I receive, along with a photo of what the customer purchased. I do this so that you can better make an educated decision on whether or not I deliver what I promise. This page is a bit different than my custom order page, in that these will be mostly items purchased from my already-made inventory, but at times I may also include some comments regarding custom orders.   As always, thank you for your interest in my designs!

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EYEGLASS CHAIN! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My patriotic eyeglass holder that you designed and made is absolutely beautiful!!!! The picture on the web does not do it justice. I am so pleased with my purchase.  -Barbara B.
Hi, I recently discovered a whole new jewelry category - lanyards (now that I need them for my new job) and started looking around the internet for pretty ones. I ended up ordering a couple from three different places. I ordered more from you than the others and wanted to order MUCH more, but your prices were more than some of the other sites. However, when I received all the lanyards, I discovered that yours were MUCH more beautiful, creative, and finished than the others and I absolutely adore them! They are by FAR my favorites. GORGEOUS. Your site is going on my Christmas list and anytime someone says "What would you like for Christmas?" I'll just say anything from this website!!!
Thanks again - they are worth every dime.
Mary H
Much of the jewelry from other sights are just not very attractive. I guess that just because we want to do something doesn't necessarily men we're good at it. I started making jewelry in August and I just love it. I don't have a lot of time to do it but I have done well and sold many pieces. I still have so much to learn but that's the fun of it. I just want to say that you do amazing work, your sense of color and design is flawless. What a pleasure it is to see such beautiful jewelry!
Joanne C
BEAUTIFUL!!!! I know that I asked for a lot with this order. Not too plain, not too fancy, small to smallest beads, sparkley, slinky , so on and so on.. Whew!!  -Vicki B.
Absolutely gorgeous!!  -Mary P.
I have the bracelet & magnetic necklace on again today. The bracelet is just gorgeous. I love the way you set the bracelet off with the peridot. Your work is definitely beautiful. thanks again.   -Sherry B.
GORGEOUS!!!! I absolutely love these chains - I can't decide if I like the gold one or the silver one best! All my friends want to know where I found them! Thank you so much!   Barb B.
Judith, I want you to know your work is absolutely exquisite! I will be ordering more in the near future.  Nancy W.
Judith: Received the jewlery Saturday. Wore the animal print set on Sunday. You did a great job, and I know I will enjoy the items for years to come.   Paula D.
They're absolutely.....................SPARKLING, STUNNING, GORGEOUS AND AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, there's one imperfect..........hmmmmmmmmm......which one? The beautiful dark rainbow necklace :0(.........all had one gold-filled spacers except one area had 2 gold-filled spacers between them but maybe no one will notice (someone didn't????). Overall, you did an excellent job :0)!!!! (Note:I cheerfully correct ANY flaws at no charge to the customer, of course!)  S.F.
I recieved the "eyeglasses holder" today. I am awestruck! It is beautiful and the workmanship is outstanding. I am so glad I ordered this piece from you. My best friend Mary will be ecstatic come Christmas.   Judy O.
Absolutely magnificent!! Bold, weighty, substantial - just what I wanted!! -Patricia B.
I LOVE the earrings! I have been wearing a different pair every day. My husband likes them too. I'll probably order more in a month or so. Thanks again!  Andrea M.
Hi, received the lanyards today!! they are great..thanks.!!!!!..will try to send you some business.    Maureen P.
Hi Judith,I got the necklace and bracelet today. Unlike some other jewelry I have bought from the net, it looks even better in person.   Linda W.
Hello Judith,

Thank you again for the beautiful beadwork on my new eyeglass chain. It was in my mailbox this afternoon and it is a perfect match (just as I thought)for these new reading glasses. I am wearing it even as I write. Good Work...I'll be back for more, you can bet on that!   Anna S.

I wanted to let you know I received my lanyard and I LOVE IT!! Thanks, Connie F.
Hey Judith! I wanted to tell you how very very happy the (magnetic) bracelet has made me. I had a gangloid cyst in my hand since I was 13 I have worn the magnetic bracelet you made me since I bought it back in April and I just realized that the cyst is gone!!!!!!! I would like to get a bracelet for my other hand, I was hoping we could specialize something just for me!.  Brandy C.
I received the absolutely gorgeous blue cobalt set today and I just know my daughter will cherish it!! Thank you so much! You have made my Christmas shopping a joy!   Sylvia T.
I cannot thank you enough for the lovely Crystal Wedding set you made me. I have never gotten so many compliments. Your work is wonderful�.I am including a photo of our daughter and also one of myself. I am so thrilled and pleased that you came thru for me in such a very short time frame. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.   Cassie W.
I received the items - they are very lovely - thanks for getting them to me so quickly! I'm sure I will be back at your site. Gayle S.
I just wanted to let you know that I received my order and it was beautiful. My Mother adored her Mother's Day gift and my family and I were thrilled to finally rid her of her old glasses chain. The earrings made it a perfect gift. Amy G.
Judith, I just received the lanyards over the weekend. They are beautiful! Thanks so much! Angela V.
I received my eyeglass chain...and I LOVE IT! Brenda M.
Judith: I received this necklace last week. It's absolutely fabulous. It looks even better when it's worn by myfriend. Just want to write you a short note to say thank you. You have good taste. Laura W.
Hi, Judith. I received my bookmarks today and they are unbelievably beautiful!! Your work is amazing! I will definitely be back for more. Thanks! Sue S.
The glasses holders arrived today and they are just beautiful! Pamela
Dear Judith, Wow!! I just recieved my eyeglass chains. They are absolutely beautiful!! You can bet I'll return to shop from your website and share my new find with my friends. Thank you for the fast ship and quality items... Carol A. : )
I just received my order, the purple eyeglass chain. It's gorgeous! Thank you so much. And you sent it so quickly too! I'm giving it to my best friend for her birthday. She wanted a pretty eyeglass chain, and she loves purple, so I know she will love it. Thanks again--I plan to order more! Greta R.
I got the eyeglass chain you repaired the other day and I've seen how much I missed it...so I've ordered 2 more from your web site! I really love your work...thanks! Vicki B.
I received the two eyeglass chains today and couldn't be more pleased! They are both absolutely gorgeous. Just what I wanted -- professional looking yet elegant. You are true to your word--quality work and customer satisfaction. I especially appreciate the time and effort you put into helping me narrow down my choices and finding something that would complement my hair and skin color. Thanks so much. Carol B.
I am very pleased with my eyeglass chain which arrived on Thursday. Thanks so much. You did a great job. Sherley R.
Hi Judith! Earrings arrived yesterday! Thank you!! My husband LOVES the purle ones (wore them last night), and today I am wearing the blue foil ones. It's awesome to have nice earrings to wear, as I don't favor rings, bracelets, and I always wear the gold necklace my husband gave me when we were first going together. Have a nice day!! Take care! Andrea M.
Just wanted to thank you for repairing by badge holder. I received it yesterday and am THRILLED to be able to wear it again! What excellent customer service. I will definitely be recommending your work to others and sharing my experience. Thanks again, April J.
I am thrilled with the three mens bracelets you created for me; especially the bronzite with the additional silver beads you added. I have a small collection of David Yurman bracelets; not only are yours as nice for a fraction of the cost, but the beads and clasp you selected are a nice compliment to the others I wear. I have some ideas for a necklace or two that I am sure you will exceed my expectations with again. I will be in touch soon Thank you very much. T.B.
I cannot tell you how much I love the beaded ID holder is that you made for me. I like the fact that it's a little heavier than others, and that it's one of a kind. The first day I wore it, I had at least 3 compliments, and probably get 1 or 2 weekly. I have told everyone about your website, and the beautiful work you do. The most difficult part of the entire purchasing process was deciding which design to buy! I am so glad I purchased this, I am thrilled with my purchased.! Thank you so much for making something I have to wear, into something I enjoy wearing! L. H.