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Beaded Bookmarks / Book Thongs!
and now -
Beaded Pens!

Beaded bookmarks, or "beaded book thongs" as some call them, are becoming just as popular as all of the beaded, crystal, pearl and gemstone jewelry these days. I can see one MAJOR problem with these beauties - you or your loved one might have trouble concentrating on your book with these to look at! I have begun a line of beaded bookmarks which would be awesome as gifts (especially for that person who has everything!!) or for yourself. I design these at an average length of 18" which would fit a 12" or smaller book very nicely.

These exquisite bookmarks are one of my most popular gift items! Keep in mind one of these lovely beaded bookmarks for someone to use in their Bible (I know my mother would have adored this idea!). They are so pretty - I can see them as light pulls, window chains (ooh they would reflect the light so well!), and I bet there are lots of other ways you could think of to display them!  As always, custom sizing is available for those oversized books.  While looking through my pages of jewelry, if you spot any color combinations and/or beads, pearls, crystals, gemstones, etc. that strike your fancy, just ask me about a bookmark. If you have questions, or want to work on a custom order of your choosing, please email me. Thank you for looking!

Note: I envision these hanging outside the edge of the book with just the smallest end tucked inside to keep your place..whether they are lying on the coffee table, upright in a bookcase or on a shelf, everyone will see the beauty of the bookmark!  Or put them inside your book and let both ends dangle outside - either way if you prefer a different design using the same beads, just let me know when you pay and I will redesign it using the same beads.

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Please note: FREE SHIPPING FOR ANY TOTAL ORDER OVER $50.00! All other orders from my website will be a flat $1.85 for 1st class shipping.

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Photo Description Item Number Price

BRAND NEW BEADED PENS and in very limited quantities! What awesome gifts for yourself or someone you love! Perhaps someone you really want to get a gift for who has EVERYTHING! Bet they don't have one of these! A beautiful beaded pen with handmade lampwork beads created by a fabulous lampwork artist, Celine, who created a signature design in many of her beads that she calls "whirlwind" due to the exquisite whirlwinds of color swirled through the bead and showing the same on BOTH sides! ! I spent years collecting exquisite, fabulous lampwork glass beads and am using many of these to create pens as gifts. Wedding sign in pens, unique writing instrument, many different ways to use and display! As always, feel free to email me with any questions or special requests. This is a wonderful metal, anodized pen that will last for years and the ink is refillable.

All of Celine's beads have specific names - if interested in the name of your choice(s) just send a note when you order. These are VERY limited in availability!!

I can do perhaps 2 of each pen only!
BP-1 $55.00


Chocolate Brown


Hot Pink

Soft Pink








Lime Green




This one is sooo pretty! I've used a gorgeous fluted (like a honeycomb) pastel pink bead on one end with fancy bead caps and on the other end 2 copper coated pink tinted rounds. The seed beads are like a pastel candy cane stripe. BK-1 $28.00

So delicate for summer! Mint green and peachy pink "thumbprint" focal bead with matching glass rounds. BK-2 $28.00

Swarovski Peacock AB 2X bicones in 2 sizes with matching shades of Japanese glass seedbeads. BK-3 $30.00

Absolutely the most fancy of the bookmarks so far! Beautiful pink roses/green leaves on a black background, these handmade lampwork beads are a delight! Accented with rose and olivine Swarovski crystals and Bali silver beadcaps. BK-4 $45.00

Lavender purple givre faceted rounds accented with fancy Bali silver cones, and beadcaps with purple iris Japanese glass seedbeads. BK-5 $34.00

These are some of the absolutely MOST gorgeous royal blue/sapphire beads ever!! With swirls of white they are so pretty no one will read their books - they'll just stare at the bookmark! Swarovski sapphire faceted crystals throughout. BK-6 $30.00

The incredible beauty of Swarovski's FIRE OPAL crystals - from the inspiring teardrop pendant to the faceted rounds. The smaller faceted bicones are Swarovski Red Hyacinth AB crystals. Strung with a custom miix of Japanese glass seedbeads in mostly golden tones. BK-7



Swarovski's light sapphire faceted teardrop, rounds and bicones with a Bali fancy cone beadcap with Czech glass matte blues seedbeads. BK-8 $36.00

Swarovski's sapphire faceted teardrop, rounds and bicones with a Bali fancy cone beadcap with Japanese glass sapphire seedbeads. BK-9 $36.00

My favorite color combination!! Handmade lampwork beads - 1 of a kind! - in swirls of pinks with Swarovski faceted light rose round crystals and true cut Charlotte seedbeads in a steel gray! BK-10 $30.00

Each end of this bookmark features a foiled bead in amethyst shades - one large oval and a smaller round. Using to accent those are a Swarovski light amethyst faceted bicone, an iridescent diamond shaped purple glass bead and a rhinestone rondelle with Czech glass purple iris seedbeads. BK-11 $30.00

I am not sure I can even describe these incredible beads well enough! They are so pretty - the large one is a faceted oval with shades of amber and turquoise with a smaller faceted oval with iridescent shades as well. The small one on the other end is a Swarovski faceted turquoise round that is out of production now with an aqua aura small round that sparkles! I've brought them all together with Japanese glass seedbeads in an aqua iridescent shade. BK-12 $30.00

Fabulous tiger eye chunks accent this bookmark - these are some of the most beautiful tiger eye I've ever seen! Everything on this one is tiger eye right down to the highly faceted rondelles. I've used Czech glass "tortoise" seedbeads to bring out the rich colors of the tiger eye. BK-13 $30.00

Beautiful genuine faceted amethyst! I've started a line of bookmarks created with gemstones and this is the first. Amethyst on both ends, in various shapes and sizes along with amethyst colored 3 cut Charlotte glass seedbeads - these are the ones that sparkle and sparkle! BK-14 $30.00

More gemstones! This time exquisite faceted deep green quartz in rounds and large rondells - and Sterling Silver accents. In order to keep this one simple and show off the amazing color of the quartz, I've used matte variegated green Japanese glass seedbeads. Of you love green, this one will make you forget to read your book! BK-15 $30.00

What better for Christmas than Christmas trees!! This one uses a custom mix of Japanese glass seedbeads in reds and golds with the beautiful gold etched red glass Christmas trees on both ends. Also available in white or green Christmas trees with custom matching seedbeads. BK-16 $30.00



One of my favorite beads - FOILED blue "ice" tube and rounds with Bali silver (or gold vermeil) and Japanese seed beads in blue iris. BK-17 $30.00

Oh so pretty!! A mint green givre teardrop with one mother of pearl round on one end. On the other end a perfectly coordinating Czech firepolish bead in mint with a gold filled corrugated rondell (or SS). The seed beads are a rich emerald iris. BK-18 $30.00

A combination of multicolored glass seedbeads in topaz/amber shades with amber handpainted floral focal beads.

I absolutely fell in love with these lampwork beads together and teamed with Swarovski's faceted fire opal crystals. So much so, that as earrings they would be too big so a bookmark was perfect!  The seed beads are a really gorgeous mix between red and orange that matches the fire opals and the lampworks. Anyone who ends up with this one will be so smitten by the colors they will forget to read! BK-20 $30.00

Extraordinary deep aqua blue transparent beads that sport wonderful pink and white flowers and gold swirls on one end and a coordinating single pink rose bead on the other. These are so feminine it will be difficult to read instead of looking at them! BK-21 $30.00

I don't know if the true colors of these beads will show in this photo. The larger bead is what is called a "wedding cake" bead in a soft blue with raised pink roses and blue dots and lots of gold swirls. The smaller bead is a gold/coppery foil bead with a flower and leaves. I've added a gold vermeil accent bead and gold vermeil fancy little bead caps to bring out all the gold. The seed beads are a rich foiled look Japanese glass that absolutely sparkles and brings out all the colors of the beads!. BK-22 $30.00

I have always been drawn to raspberry - in beads it is this glorious color shown on this bookmark. The rectangle beads on the left are actually as deep a color as the faceted rondells on the right. The corresponding beads are very unusual - almost a crackle bead but not really. I've used some larger seed beads that have some copper, some deep greens, blues and raspberry mix. And topped off the smaller end with a gorgeous gold edged raspberry faceted cathedral bead. Overall a stunning combination! BK-25 $30.00