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About Judith K Nelson, Bead Wizardry

Thank you for wanting to know a bit more "about me" by clicking on this page. I have a philosophy and a "reason" for creating my jewelry and showing it to others, besides a monetary desire to assist after my retirement. My mother passed away on November 21, 2002 at 6:15am. For  4 years before that,  I was a caregiver for her, 91 years old, and suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. At the beginning of April, 2002, the difficult decision was made to admit her to a nursing home where the staff was much better equipped to handle her care, her loss of memory and her deteriorating condition.  I will never stop making jewelry and offering it to the public. I understand about stress, and worry, and concern, and I believe that when we can, IF we can, we should attempt to give back some of the ways we have found personally to endure our own particular stresses in life. So, I share with you some of my reasons for designing jewelry. I especially enjoy answering questions for new beaders to help you find your own little piece of creativity - I think all of us have some inside just waiting for the venue to release it. I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have stood behind me, pushed me in some cases, and supported me through the purchase of my jewelry and auction items. I hope to always stay in touch with you. And to those of you who are just discovering my website and find my creations pleasing, I thank you for your purchases. That gives me the motivation to continue to create.

For any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at:  

I wrote the following for my acceptance into The Phenomenal Women of the Web in 2002, so I share it with you:

BeadWizardry Designs contains something for every woman no matter what your likes or dislikes. I pay tribute to the imagination and creativity of women by designing eclectic, creative and unique jewelry that is pleasing and, I hope, and have been praised by others for, inspiring them. Certainly it is beautiful to the eye and pleasant to the mind and warms the soul. Beautiful works of art, as well as beautiful works of jewelry do that to women, or at least, I've found, most women. It is My way of bringing a little piece of satisfaction and serenity to others. I do not do it strictly for monetary purposes but as a way of expressing myself - and hopefully giving some joy to other women who buy it. I price my items dependent on the components used, and use only quality findings but I use a sliding scale as far as pricing depending on the budget of the women who inquire and want it, i.e. on custom orders. I also have developed a complete line of magnetic hematite jewelry..the health benefits are incredible! I have many "followers" who swear by it, and I, myself, have rheumatoid arthritis..I am never without my bracelet. There is an information page on my website which has a segment describing the health benefits of, and beliefs surrounding, the use of magnetic jewelry. I have always been a part of alternative medicine and holistic healthcare so this just seemed a natural progression. I hope that my jewelry will make a woman feel special, unique and uplifted when wearing it. I always feel there is that one special woman out there that each design is meant for, and sooner or later, she will find it.

The Gift of Tranquility from The Phenomenal Women of The Web(tm)

Approved Member of Women of Strength and Inner Beauty

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